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About Us

Spanning over thirty years, Aunt Leah’s has been a steadfast force in supporting youth and young mothers transitioning from foster care. Their comprehensive assistance spans a diverse range of services, including facilitated housing, vocational training, and vital mentoring on life skills.

Recognizing the pressing demand for expanded housing options, Aunt Leah’s took a significant stride in 2013 by establishing Aunt Leah’s Foundation, now operating under the name Aunt Leah’s Properties. This entity was entrusted with the mission of nurturing and overseeing an array of affordable housing choices, tailor-made for new mothers and young people navigating their way out of the foster care system.

The majority of the properties within Aunt Leah’s Properties’ portfolio are leased back to Aunt Leah’s itself. This strategic leasing arrangement empowers Aunt Leah’s to offer comprehensive programs and comprehensive housing support services, ensuring a holistic and impactful approach to uplifting the lives of those in our care.


A brighter future for youth affected by Canada’s foster care system.


Provide access to safe, secure and affordable housing for new mothers and young adults leaving foster care, helping them transition to independent living.


Our values are grounded in the principle of openness. We believe in extending a warm invitation to all, fostering an environment where doors are never closed, minds are receptive, arms are outstretched, and hearts are open wide.

Open Doors

We are Stable, Secure and Safe

Open Hearts

We are Accessible, Empathetic and Welcoming

Open Arms

We are Resourceful, Collaborative, and Accountable

Open Minds

We are Progressive, Imaginative and Forward-thinking

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