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Partner With Us

At Aunt Leah’s, we strongly value the strength of partnerships. Building an effective community of partnerships is crucial for tackling the housing affordability crisis and establishing stable, affordable housing solutions for those in need. By joining forces, we can synchronize our missions, pool resources, and leverage our collective expertise to initiate and sustain affordable housing initiatives. Below are avenues through which we aim to collaborate with you.

Partners for Project Funding:

Relevant governmental bodies, programs and agencies are crucial partners in developing and funding affordable housing projects, and bring opportunity for private sector partnership.

Philanthropic Individuals and Foundations: Engaging with philanthropic individuals and private foundations focused on housing and community development can lead to significant financial support.

Partners in Organizational Capacity Building:

Nonprofits and Community Organizations: Partnering with mission-aligned housing and community development organizations combines resources to comprehensively address housing challenges.

Legal and Advocacy Groups: These partnerships are vital for navigating housing laws, regulations, and advocating for policy changes.

Participants and Residents Support Partners:

Social Service Agencies: Collaborating with organizations providing support services addresses the comprehensive needs of affordable housing residents.

Partners for Access to Land and Housing:

Private Developers, Community Land Trusts, and Housing Cooperatives: These partnerships are essential for securing land, creating mixed-income housing, and ensuring long-term affordability.

Our Partners