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Our Team

Jacqueline Dupuis

Executive Director

Jacqueline Dupuis brings extensive experience from both the private and non-profit sectors. Her executive leadership is centered around cultivating robust organizational cultures, fostering growth-oriented business models, and emphasizing the vital role of non-profits in driving positive change.

Prior to joining Aunt Leah’s Properties, Jacqueline held leadership positions with the Greater Vancouver International Film Festival Society and Calgary International Film Festival. Her achievements in these roles exemplify her expertise in driving organizational change, refining funding models, and achieving financial sustainability. Jacqueline’s dedication to sustainable organizational development and measurable impact earned her a nomination for the 2015 YWCA Vancouver Women of Distinction Awards.

Our Board

Anita Haidar


Joining in 2019, Anita brings close to 15 years of volunteer experience to the Aunt Leah’s Properties Board. She has served as a Director of numerous non-profits, including those supporting families with mental health and substance use disorders. She is passionate about creating safe homes for youth aging out of care, considering it a basic human need.

Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar, a Justice of the Peace, joined the Board in 2022. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Criminology and Sociology. She is familiar with the Child and Family Services Act, Criminal Code and various other legislations and her knowledge and expertise around issues of cultural sensitivity and Reconciliation efforts are extensive.

Ryan Lucy

Ryan is SVP of Polygon Homes and President of Polygon’s associated company Morningstar Homes. He brings a wealth of knowledge on land acquisitions, housing construction and development viability. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and mountain biking on Vancouver’s North Shore.

Don Wong

As a Consultant, Don has advised on over 150,000 units of affordable housing across Canada. Don is a Principal at Zut Alors Consulting where he works with executives in government, business and healthcare to translate corporate strategies into outcomes. Don resides in Port Moody where is a parent to two boys.

Nancy Hill


Since 1994, Nancy Hill has been a steadfast presence with Aunt Leah’s, serving in various capacities including board chair and volunteer. Her commitment led her to the Aunt Leah’s Properties Board in 2020, where she assumed the role of President. Outside of her dedication to Aunt Leah’s, Nancy is a mother of two daughters and a municipal engineer.

Megan Halprin


Megan Halprin, a CFO for nearly four decades, brings a wealth of financial expertise to her role. Her affiliation with Aunt Leah’s spans over two decades, and she currently holds the position of Treasurer on the Board for Aunt Leah’s Properties and also serves as Chair on the Board for Aunt Leah’s Independent Lifeskill’s Society.